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Household Hazardous Waste and Office Building

One of our helpful technicians will unload your hazardous wastes at the receiving door

once you have signed in.


Residential hazardous waste is accepted from Douglas and Pope County residents at no charge.  Because of State restrictions, business and agriculture wastes are not accepted.  For information on how to contact companies who handle wastes from businesses and agricultural please call 320-763-9340 or 1-800-972-6318.

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Household Hazardous waste (HHW) is any substance containing ingredients that could negatively affect your safety, health or the environment.  Signal words found on hazardous products include poison, danger, warning and caution.  They can be found on a wide range of products, including furniture polish, bleach, antifreeze, insecticides, paint, mothballs and much more.  Also look for indications of hazardous properties on the label.  Such properties are defined by the Environmental Hazards Management Institute as follows:

  • Toxic: can cause injury or death if swallowed, absorbed or inhaled
  • Flammable: easily catches fire and tends to burn rapidly
  • Corrosive: a chemical or its vapors that can cause a material or living tissue to be destroyed
  • Explosive: violently bursting when exposed to pressure or heat
  • Irritant: causes soreness or swelling of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes or respiratory system

Another hazardous property you may see on a label is reactive.  This means the product contains chemicals that, if combined with certain other substances, could result in hazardous reactions such as gaseous emissions or explosions.

Why can’t I just throw HHW away in the trash?

Dumping unused portions of HHW in the trash or down the drain can cause safety and environmental problems. 

So please act responsibly!  Bring your unwanted HHW to the county’s hazardous waste collection facility located at 2115 Jefferson in Alexandria.  It’s free!

Hours and Location

8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00pm - Monday through Friday

CLOSED for major holidays and day after Thanksgiving.

No appointment necessary.


Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management

2115 Jefferson Street

Alexandria, MN 56308



Map location


All HHW brought to Pope/Douglas must be in a labeled, non-leaking container that can be left at the site.


Materials Accepted

Examples of Materials Accepted
Acids Disinfectants Lubricants

Rechargeable Batteries

(Ni-CD, Ni-MH,Li-Ion)

Adhesives Drain Cleaners Mercury Thermostats Rubber Cements
Aerosols Dry Gas Mercury Thermometers Rug/Upholstery Cleaners
Antifreeze Fiberglass Resins Moth Balls/flakes Rust Solvents
Ballasts (PCBs) Flea Products Nail Polish/Remover Silvex (pesticide)

Batteries (Lithium,

small sealed Pb/Lead)

Furniture Polish Oven Cleaners Spot Removers

Brake Fluid

Hair Removers Paint - Latex Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Cements Herbicides Paints - Oil Based Tub/Tile Cleaners

Cellular Phones

Hobby Chemicals Paint Removers Turpentine
Chemistry Sets Inks Paint Thinners Varnish

InkJet Cartridges

Pesticides Waste Fuels
Corrosives Insecticides

Photo Chemicals

Weed Killers
Degreasers Insect Repellents Pool Chemicals Wood Preservatives
Dioxin (pesticide) Lacquers Rat Poisons Wood Stains

Unacceptable Materials

  • Explosives - Shock sensitive materials such as ammunition, firearms, gun powder, fireworks, dynamite, and picric acid (Call the Law Enforcement Center at 320-762-8151).
  • Pathological wastes
  • NEW! Pharmaceutical Waste
    • FREE household pharmaceutical drop boxes.  Keep it out of the trash and sewer!  
    • Alexandria Police Department Location- located in the front lobby
      • For more information on the Prescription Drop Off Program                                                   visit the Alexandria Police Dept or check out the program brochure.
    • Pope County Location - located at the Pope County Courthouse - Glenwood (hallway)

Used Motor Oil and Oil Filters

Used motor oil and oil filters generated through household use are accepted for disposal at the South end of the Recycling Center.  The used motor oil must be in dumpable containers no larger than five gallons in size.   Crankcase oil, motor oil, gasoline and transmission fluid are also accepted in the oil tank. Contaminated oil or brake fluid must be taken to the HHW Collection Facility.

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  • Alkaline, AA, AAA, C and D (Non-Rechargeable) batteries may be disposed of in your regular trash.
  • Button Batteries (wrist watch and hearing aid type) accepted in HHW.
  • Car batteries are accepted at the Recycling Center.
  • Lead Batteries (small, sealed Lead/Pb batteries) accepted in HHW.
  • Lithium Batteries accepted in HHW.
  • Rechargeable Batteries (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion) accepted in HHW.


Fluorescent Bulbs

Residents and businesses who have Agralite Electric Cooperative, Lake Region Cooperative Electric Association (LREC), Alexandria Light and Power (ALP), Runestone Electric Association (REA), and Xcel Energy may recycle their fluorescent bulbs at Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management free of charge.  Customers of other power companies are not eligible as recycling is paid for by Agralite, LREC, ALP, REA, and Xcel.   Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management manages the program but does not pay any of the fees involved.

Have Ottertail Power?

Ottertail Power Customers need to contact Ottertail Power for bulb recycling options

as they are the only utility in Pope or Douglas County that does not participate in the

Cooperative Bulb Recycling Program at this time.  Ottertail Power website.


NEW! Starting January 1st - 2014

Xcel Energy customers who live in Pope County will be able to recycle their bulbs for free!

Tom Kraemer Inc. in Glenwood also accept bulbs for FREE in partnership with the Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management bulb recycling program - making it easier for Pope County residents to do the right thing!


Businesses with more than 50 bulbs must fill in the recycling form below or call in advance and request that a registration form be sent or faxed to them.  They will be notified when a date has been set for them to bring in their bulbs.  The bulbs must be counted and if possible, boxed.  The bulbs are not to be taped together or shrink wrapped as the recycler will not accept them if they are.  A good tool to keep them together is a rubber band at both ends.

Residents with 20 bulbs or less may drop them of Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 12 noon and 1PM – 4 PM.

For further information please call 320-763-9340 or 1-800-972-6318.

Sharps (hypodermic Needles)

  The HHW facility accepts used hypodermic needles from residents (not businesses)    

  who self-medicate.  Many people throw used needles – often called “sharps” –

  into their regular trash.  Unfortunately, this disposal method puts Pope/Douglas and  

  trash hauler employees at risk from needle sticks!  Instead, we encourage residents 

  to bring used sharps to our facility.  No fees are charged


Sharps must be brought in an approved sharps container or in an empty laundry detergent container with a screw on lid.  (See instructions below). 

Needles brought in any other containers or loose needles will not be accepted.

  • Label the empty detergent container:  “Do Not Recycle:  Household Sharps.”
  • Put used needles point-first into the container.
  • Container should not be more than ½ full of needles and lancets before collection or disposal.
  • Keep the cap screwed on the container when not putting in needles.

If delivering sharps to the HHW facility is not convenient for you, other options for safe disposal can be found by following this link.

Reuse Room


When you bring in your unneeded paint, cleaners, automotive, or lawn products for environmentally-safe recycling and disposal, some of it may be stocked in our Reuse Room for other citizens to use free of charge.

The best way to dispose of chemicals is to use them up as they were originally intended to be used, which is just what this program does.  Items are pre-owned but perfectly usable and free for the taking.

The Reuse Room is open during regular hours 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00, Monday through Friday.  Because of this program's popularity we follow a five item limit per household, per visit.


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